Liv3 is family owned by 3 sisters Jina, Jiin (Jeanie), and Jane.

Started by their parents over twenty five ago, Liv3 has evolved into a store where women can find fresh styles in clothing, accessories, and gifts. 

Formerly known as Fashion 5, Liv3 has become the new brand of where the store is today.

To us, “liv3” (liv) means a destination spot that provides the needs to your lifestyle.

Whether you’re a mommy like us, a college or career woman, we strive to be “that” store that you rely on to meet the demands of your life.  And of course, we had to play on the word “live” (liv) to represent the 3 of us.

We want to thank all the ladies that has evolved and followed our business from our little swap meet booth, to our original location in Vista, California, to where our store is today. We’ve come full circle and lov3 that our business continues to grow into a store that not only we lov3, but you as well. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you have all come on this journey with us.


The Liv3 Sisters